30 April 2010

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

I paid off my car! This is momentous. MOMENTOUS! Not only have I never paid off a car before (something always happened before I could get to that point) BUT I have never really owned anything before. I guess most people my age don’t, it’s not like many people who own a house at 31 actually paid it off, but still, it’s so exciting. Of course now I’m terrified that something will go wrong with it, but that could have happened before and I would have had to pay a car payment PLUS repairs, so it’s still a good thing. Hooray!

27 April 2010

If you're here...

I've resumed posting at www.buildingvillages.blogspot.com . I hope to see you there!


I've read more than once that you're not supposed to apologize for slacking on blogging (but I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Really!).

Life has taken on a frenetic pace. I had a HUGE work project that consumed all of my time and energy over the last few months, and has finally wrapped last week and all I have to say to that project is GOOD RIDDANCE. It was a prime example of something that sounded really fun, but wasn't so much. Another example of that was taking the boys to see the movie "Oceans" at 5 pm on a rainy day. Fun, right? Well, the kids had fun- running laps around the movie theatre. So yeah, probably not the best idea. Lesson learned.

If you happen to have checked in over the last 3 months, you might have noticed that my debt payoff amount is up to 33%- one third! My ex has been paying his child support regularly and things are temporarily very good. It's a relief, albeit a tenuous one.

I also got a raise at work, so that's great news. I'm hoping to teach a class in the fall (First Year Experience) so if that runs it'll be an extra supplement to help pay things off.

Now that massive PITA project is over, I hope to get back to writing and working diligently on paying things off and finding some balance in my life. I'm all over the place these days, and it's stressful. I hope to get to a better place soon, especially now that regular life should resume.

So, if you're reading this, thanks for sticking with me.