30 November 2009

Divine Design

I just spent the last hour with my mom, staring at my ugly living room and trying to figure out wth to do with it all.

It boils down to a few major problems:
  • it is entirely (and I mean 100%) filled with hand me downs from the early 90's at the NEWEST
  • there is a large, wood paneled fireplace area on one end, not centered on the wall (wtf?)
  • there is a giant air conditioner stuck in the side of the wall, even though I have central air (again, wtf?)
  • there are toys, more toys, and then some more toys EVERYWHERE.

We came up with a plan. It's a phased plan, which I learned about at work. That means there is a phase one that is cheap and phase two that we may never have the money/resources to achieve, but here's hoping.

The Phase One plan is to:

  1. Paint large wood paneled fire place to match the walls (cream) and trim (white)
  2. Purchase and hang a screen over the air conditioner
  3. Get a new corner desk to fill up the area next to the fireplace and make it look less off-center

Phase Two is something like get new couch, get new entertainment unit, win lottery, boob job, marry Brad Pitt. We'll see.

In the end, we felt good about it all, but my mom did claim she's emailing the Divine Design chick to beg her to come here.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever looked at the Young House Love website? Love their cheap remodel and decor ideas. Lots of green ideas too!

Jaime said...

just testing something...