01 November 2010


here's a list of things that got in the way of me following my budget last week:

  • PTO book fair
  • PTO tshirt sale (x2)
  • union dinner
  • donuts for work breakfast party
  • kids' dental appointments
  • one night where everyone was really tired and we just wanted mcdonalds
I know I should budget for these things, but seriously- other than the dental appointments, how regular are any of these things? Is it better to budget $100 a month or whatever for incidentals (which will then give you the feeling that you HAVE $100 to spend on incidentals) or to budget for nothing and then move $100 from debt payoff to spending money if need be?

Psychologically, I know I spend less with the latter scenario. There's something about "planning" to spend extra money that makes me spend it two or three times over!

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