20 February 2011


Things haven't been so good around here lately, my ex took off again and isn't coming back anytime soon. We've all been feeling really sad and I decided that keeping the kids busy and happy was the best use of my time and money, so I got a family membership to the YMCA so we could go swimming! It's very exciting. I did a one month membership to make sure that we actually have the time to go enough to make it worth it, and I negotiated with the membership manager for a lower monthly rate based on the fact that I a) have one adult in my "family" and b) work for an organization that gets a discount on YMCA memberships. By asking a lot of questions and politicking for a lower rate, I saved 24 dollars a month and can easily afford the cost of the membership.

So now we can go swimming pretty much every night and every weekend! It's so exciting, and a great way (emotionally and health-wise) to spend our time and money.

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