19 April 2014

It wouldn't be a challenge without some setbacks

So just as soon as I kicked off this last push to be debt free and mailed off those tax payments that were weighing so heavily on me, two doozy-sized setbacks happened- my 16 year old cat became ill and needed nearly $1000 worth of treatment, and the transmission in my 2002 minivan let go and the cost to repair it vastly exceeded what it was worth (it's got 180,000 miles on it).

Excuse my french but well, shit.

After a not-insignificant amount of worry and self-pity, I realized something- this is exactly why I'm doing this. So when my cat is sick, I CAN take her to the vet. When my car dies, I CAN go buy a new one. So setbacks don't actually set me back.

In the meanwhile, I'll be driving my sister's car (she moved abroad). I'm hoping my cat improves, but she's 16 and at least I know I did right for her. And we'll keep soldering on.

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