21 July 2009

5 hours.

That's how long the tv stayed off.

That night was a breeze- I actually loved it. Next morning, I woke up, realized I needed to take a shower, and on it went. The No Impact Man has one kid and two parents- I'm outnumbered here. I need something to subdue my children so I can shower/go to the bathroom/clean. It's unfortunate, but true.

Things are good, though! We went to Boston, which was awesome. Stayed with a friend, used our museum pass to get into the Children's Museum, picnicked in the park and took the T. Lots of fun, and only cost gas money, $5 for the T, and some food.

Yesterday we went to another children's museum (pass again!) and swimming at a lake. Again, just gas money and $5 to park at the lifeguard-staffed swimming area. Good times!

And finally, in my most frugal achievement yet, my 3 year old appears to have finally conquered the potty. We're diaper free, for the first time since November 2004! I'm happy, but also sad. No more baby stuff... I guess it's good but I certainly wasn't one of those people who said "I am SO DONE having kids!" I always wanted one more. I guess time will tell!

Oh, and one more thing- look what I grew!!

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April said...

Congrats on the potty training! That will save you some $$!! OOh, and the potatoes! Woohoo!!