25 July 2009

good news all around

I'm a year older, and a year wiser! I had a birthday, and that was awesome. I took this whole week of from work and we've been daytripping it all over the state of CT.

My ex has been giving me money each week (almost) and that is more than I was getting from his parents when he was gone, so I'm in better shape. I decided to take the extra money I have from him this month and refund my emergency savings account, which I had to use when he took off. So it will be a relief when that is back in place.

After that happens, I'm back to paying things off. I think I am getting my yearly raise in 3 weeks, so I'll have a little extra coming in to offset expenses.

And even though my tomatoes look terrible, I have a couple of peppers on their way!

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BabiesandBargains said...

good for you! Happy to see a "happier" post!