25 August 2013

2014 just might be the last year of frugal living

I began the Year of Frugal Living in 2008 when I was a newly divorced mother of 2 and 4 year old boys. Over the years, my commitment to the blog has waxed and waned, but my commitment to paying off my debt and being debt free has never faded.

Though things got tougher for me in 2011, I've never lost hope that I'd be able to accomplish my goal. Well, okay, I've never lost hope for more than a few days- I've googled bankruptcy more times than I care to admit- but in the end, I'm still working on it.

I've made some hard decisions and at this point I'm SOCLOSE to being credit card debt free (I still have student loans)- I expect to be done with it in the next 9-12 months. Because of this, I'm doubling down on my frugal living and really living cheap so I can finally be done. I thought I'd bring the blog back since I'll need support- but also because I want to celebrate it with you when I do!

So, is anyone still reading?


Kerrie said...

I am! I transferred you to my new reader when Google shut down in the hope that you'd blog again. I'd love to hear about your journey to get so close to debt free, back in the day your blog helped me focus on what I wanted for our family and we're now far more frugal and conscious of how lucky we are in day to day life.

Jaime said...


THANK YOU! You have no idea how much that means to me. I've often missed blogging and I'm so excited to come back!

Thank you again and keep reading and commenting!

Kerry Dooley said...

Hi jaime, just started reading your blog :).
were to on a debt busting effort. We feel off the wagon but.back on again. x good luck x

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jamie,
Hope you have near made it by now.

I've doubled up my frugality yet again, due to property price increases (cried buckets). Have arthritis and also anti-social behavior where I live and been saving to get a little bungalow for what seems like forever. I just turned 65 years and don't want to die B4 I do it, LOL. I will not give up, and you can do it too!

Stacie Frost said...

I'm still here! Don't go away. Your blog is very inspiring to me. You got me started on gardening and I'm enjoying it still after 4 years! I think you should blog more!!!

Jess said...

Still here!!! You are very inspiring!