26 August 2013

What stuck

Five years. Can you believe I started this blog five years ago? I can't either. So much has changed! I thought I would take a minute to reflect on the projects I've started over the years and talk about what worked enough to become part of my regular life. Here are some of them:


I'm still using the same excel spreadsheet I used to budget nearly 8 years ago. Here's a post from 2008 where I talked about how I do my budget. I absolutely couldn't handle my finances without it! I've tried other things over the years (apps, Quicken, the Dave Ramsey envelope system) but they don't work as well for me. I say, stick with what works.


One of my biggest changes was starting a vegetable garden. This has been a great success! Here are some posts on my garden through the years, and here is a recent shot of some veggies I grew:
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I broke up with Target

It wasn't me, it was Target. Read my breakup letter here.

I started a holiday

In 2010, I started a holiday called "Decluttering Day." It even has a Facebook page!

There are more things I've hung on to, but this is a glimpse into some of the fun projects I've hung on to over the years. What have you changed for good?

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