05 September 2013

You can do anything for one day, one week, one month...

Right now I am trying to stick to two resolutions- the Skinny Rules diet, and a spending diet. The Skinny Rules diet started as a one week resolution- for one week, I will follow this diet. That meant that when I had to go to Pennsylvania last Friday for a funeral, and we went to a mac and cheese themed restaurant, I had salad. (and a few bites of mac and cheese, which seemed reasonable to me). After one week, I weighed in and found that I had lost 3.4 lbs! Granted, I'm sure most of that was initial water weight but I am not complaining. So, I will do the diet for one more week, and see what happens then. And probably more weeks after that, but with diets, I think it's good to set small goals.

Financially, I am on a spending diet for the month of September. That means that when the kids want to go to McDonald's, I tell them we will go in October. Same thing for clothes, or house stuff, or anything that is not required and available from the grocery store. The reason for this is that I am committed to paying off my credit card debt as soon as humanly possible, and one month intervals are workable for me.

Setting small goals can make big, depressing and overwhelming tasks bearable. Taking it day by day, week by week, or month by month can get you there!

                (image via Flickr user asterix611)

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