22 March 2014

203 days, 18 hours, 22 minutes and 20 seconds

I set two goals yesterday- pay off my credit cards (2 left, plus a store card with a small balance) and run a half marathon.

I'm so done with debt. I have had it my entire life- I probably still haven't paid off those original charges I made on my first credit card from college. The balances have been rolled over to new cards, taken over my new companies, and continued on with me since I was 21. It's time to be done with this.

Two years ago, I started running. It's the cheapest exercise you can get, dollar-for-calorie. All you need is a pair of sneakers! I ran a few 5Ks and one 4.875 miler, and then fell off the wagon. (I also literally fell at the almost-5 miler, injuring my hand and scaring the crap out of myself.) I've gained probably 15 lbs since then, and I don't feel good. It's time to get back in shape both financially and physically.

I am a person that does best with big, all encompassing goals (that's why this blog exists!). I'm ready to do this. 203 days!

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