01 March 2009


I'm really sore from the 30 Day Shred, but in weird places. The bicep on my left arm, which is definitely my weaker arm, is totally sore, but my right arm is fine. Also my calves are very sore, which is a weird place to be sore. I'm wondering if this is because I wasn't doing things right?

I'm going to take a day off today to recover, but I have to decide if I'll have time to do this before work in the morning. To have time, I'd have to get up around 4:45, which is sort of insane. I don't know!

My other option is to do it after the kids go to bed, which is also sort of insane, because there are nights when that isn't until almost 9:00.

I could do it on the three days that the kids are with their dad, but I usually use those days for errands and going out with friends.



Kimberli said...

Sounds to me like you worked muscles you don't normally work (or in ways you don't normally work them!). I'd get up early to do the workout... I'm not a fan of nighttime workouts...

Heidi said...

Me, I do it at night around 9 when the kids are in bed. I like it alot better then. I've done it a few times with the kids and that's always fun too. They wing around and try to mimic what they see and I bust a move :) I'm not sure about losing 20 pounds, but I'd lean more towards losing inches. I think the promise of 20 pounds is alitte unrealistic, but the loss of inches is fo-sure!!! In Nov I did it every other day for about 3 weeks (then Thanksgiving came and I bonked) and I was much more toned and had lost a few pounds and inches. Love this dvd--but it still kicks my ass :)

Anonymous said...

I've been doing this for about a month and a half. I'm still on workout two; not brave enough to try the third one.

And the down side is that I haven't lost a single pound. But I've put on a lot of muscle, so I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

I started doing the 30 Day Shred 2 days ago thanks to you! I actually found the first 2 levels for FREE on my Verizon Fios on Demand. I'm loving that because if I don't stick with it I didn't waste any money trying it out! So far I'm sore too. Thighs and my right elbow hurts. I'm doing it after the kids go to bed. Hope I can stick with it cause so far I love it!