18 March 2009

you don't NEED anything

(not counting food, water, shelter, love)

It's so easy to think "oh, I NEED a new camera. I NEED new clothes. I NEED a laptop. My kids NEED something new to play with."

I'm totally guilty of this. I was convinced that I NEEDED a radio for my kitchen. I asked my dad for one for Christmas, and he got me a really nice one. But, he didn't hook it up right away, and then he came down with this awful 6 week long flu thing. Time has slipped by, and it's still in the box. And I subsequently realized I don't need it at all.

Sometimes I think "I NEED some new work clothes." But then, I go downstairs and realize all my work clothes are sitting in dry clean only pile, or hanging on the line I have in my basement. Sometimes I wore them once, and forgot about them!

Remember the new vacuum I NEEDED? Still didn't get one- and no, I don't really think I need it anymore!

If you find yourself NEEDING something, give it 6 weeks, and see if you still need it!

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