30 March 2014

10 Things You Can Do With Your Money When You Don't Have Credit Card Debt

  1. Budget and save for irregular expenses instead of scrambling to pay for them. (I'm planning on using Capital One 360- was ING- to open multiple accounts to use for savings goals)
  2. Make substantial payments to student loans and actually pay them OFF (that seemed unrealistic before)
  3. Save up for and put a downpayment on a new (to me) car
  4. Go on a real vacation
  5. Review insurance (life, auto, home) and ensure coverage is adequate
  6. Increase retirement savings
  7. Increase college savings
  8. Use credit cards wisely to earn miles and free nights at hotels (I'll be shopping for a new card when I'm done paying off the two I still have)
  9. Teach children about finances and how not to repeat your mistakes
  10. Know that you will never go down the road of debt again.
These are the things that have been keeping me going. What will you do when you're free?

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