26 March 2014

The thing I didn't think I cared about

I've been really sticking to my no spending budget, with the exception of things I had previously committed to (like going to see Book of Mormon last night- hilarious!). I've gone days without spending an unbudgeted penny. I've packed my lunches, brought my coffee, and avoided situations where I might be tempted to shop. But the one thing I didn't anticipate is how much I would miss going out to eat!

I don't think of myself as someone who likes to go out to eat. It doesn't FEEL like we do it often. And yet, now that we're not doing it at all, I'm struck with how many times a day I find myself thinking of fun things that I could do with friends or the kids that revolve around eating something somewhere. I think, "we can go to the great bagel place!" or "maybe a trip to Carvel this weekend!" and then think, "oh, nope."

Looking at my Quicken reports (our finance person at work called me an "accounting rockstar"- I was a little too excited to receive that compliment!), I see that the numbers prove this affection for restaurants. Who knew?

In the meanwhile, we cook. I have made homemade donuts, shrimp scampi, and a LOT of lunches. We'll get used to it... I hope.

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