24 February 2008

A case of the "I wants"

I remember there being a Berenstein Bears book about this- I think it was called the "gimmies"- but I'm calling it the "I wants." There are so many things out there to want, and it's really challenging to not act on those impulses. So right now, I'm going to let it out.

I want:
a house
a hybrid SUV, like the Toyota Highlander or Mercury Mariner
new living room furniture
a redone kitchen
a second bathroom
a finished basement
bunk beds for the kids
umbrella for my picnic table
rainwater barrels
a new clothesline
a decent pair of black high heeled boots
whitened teeth
the You Grow Girl book
clothes, and more clothes
a trip to the Cape
a slipcover for my couch
gardening supplies
a wall-mounted flatscreen tv for my room

That is all (for now).

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