09 February 2008


I went to Banana Republic and spent 165 dollars on an outfit. I'm not entirely sure why, except I was excited about a big meeting I was going to the next day. Regardless, after I got home I realized the pants were too long so I can return them, which I was grateful for. I'm keeping the top, though- its beautiful and worth the 58 bucks.

Its hard to have a new job and not really be able to enjoy the.income. I really need a whole new wardrobe, to be honest. The pants I ended up wearing were from college- almost 10 years old. But after 10 years, what's another year or two, I guess.

Within the next month, I'll have paid off 3 store credit cards. None of them amounted to much, but three less monthly payments is awesome. In addition, I did a balance transfer to get rid of my smallest, but highest interest rate, card, and will begin agressively paying the card I transferred it to this month. And finally, I came up with a savings plan, and will begin that this month as well. So, there is a lot going on. By March, I think I'll be seeing a difference.

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