17 February 2008

Stubborn like a mule, OR Hangin' Tough

I'm really sick. I have a bad cold. I sent my kids off to their dad's house because I honestly couldn't talk. But does that stop me from living frugally? Hell no!

CVS has a pretty sweet huggies deal going on right now. There's a nicely written post about it on Rebecca's Bargains. I'd link it, but I'm texting this post. So I ran out this morning and stocked up on diapers, razors and make up. It nearly killed me, but I got 4 packs of diapers for free. I love CVS.

So back to being sick. I want soup SO BAD right now, it was all I could think about today. I should have gotten some at CVS, but I can barely speak, nevermind think clearly and plan ahead. So I thought I might order chinese, and get some soup. I looked at the menu- minimum order was 12 bucks, plus tip. Not frugal. So I looked in the pantry and saw tortellini and chicken broth- essentially wonton soup! I threw some carrots and peas in, and I'm watching it cook right now. Now THAT'S frugal living.

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Anonymous said...

awww i hope you feel better soon chica. xh