27 February 2008

Just stay home.

As part of my attempt to save money on gas, I haven't been going out to stores, or out for lunch unless it's absolutely necessary. This has actually resulted in two-fold savings- I don't need to purchase gasoline nearly as often (which is good, considering it's 3.20 something a gallon here now) and I haven't been shopping. The whole mission of stores is to make you want to buy things. They do psychological studies to figure out what it going to make you feel happy, secure and rich enough to buy something that you totally don't need. I recently experienced this when I went to the Gap and found myself purchasing an obscenely large green tote bag for like 40 dollars (although I did pay with a gift card). Obviously said obscene bag has since been returned, but seriously. The bag was bigger than me!

So, in conclusion, don't go to the mall. Or Target. Just stay home.

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