10 March 2008

I love comments

They keep me motivated, on track, and make me happy! Keep them coming!


Anonymous said...

You go girlfriend!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep paying off that debt!! You're keeping me on track too!

JennyEBNoia-Langley said...

I thought of you and your blog yesterday. While I was in Milford spending my $50 gift certificate at Ann Taylor Loft and using a 20% coupon (hence, I only spent $30 on $100 worth of clothing - though I didn't need ANY of the items purchased). I walked next door to Black Market White House and was eyeing a pair of white pants that were $88. Not only do I not ever wear white pants, I would have to have them hemmed which would cost at least $30. I browsed around the store some more, you know that non-nonchalant browsing when you know you aren't really going to buy anything. Remember not that long ago when the whole "What Would Jesus Do?" phenomena came into pop culture? Well, literally, I kid you not, thought in my head "What Would Jaime Do?" as I picked up a cute top that I did not need which was marked $68, placed it back on the rack and walked out of the store.

Long story short, not only do your compliments help you, your blog helps me!! :-)