26 March 2008

Jump up, Jump up and Get Down

**Warning** I am currently hopped up on Sudafed. And very excited.

I dug in my garden! I went outside, and I got a rake, and I started hacking away at the dead grass in there (it's like HAY or BEACH GRASS- I have no idea where this stuff came from. Some of it even looks like wheat. I might have grown wheat.) and underneath it all, there was dirt. Not just any dirt, BLACK dirt, that was moist, and heavy and thick, and it smelled like dirt even though the wind was blowing hard enough to really strike up my windchimes. It was beautiful, so I kept hacking away at it, uncovering more and more of the black dirt, and then I got down on the ground and I started ripping out plants- dandelions and grass and things that looked like root vegetables. I found a worm, and I carefully moved him to a place where I was done raking, and then I checked on him a couple of times and whispered encouraging words to him about aerating my dirt, and then I threw a blade of grass at him to see if he would move.

I cannot wait for this garden.

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