25 March 2008

Sometimes things don't go your way

I'm having a rough week. Soon to be ex husband stiffed me $350, I have yet another cold, and I spent the majority of Easter by myself. I have NO money. I spent some money that is for bills on food, and I even (gasp) used my credit card to charge movie tickets because I didn't want to use my debit card online.

Historically speaking, when things like this would happen, I would develop this "f it" attitude and just start spending. The rationale would be "I already screwed up, I might as well enjoy it." I think a lot of people have this same reaction with food, and dieting. They might think "I already messed up and ate a piece of cake, I might as well have another (or the whole thing)." It's interesting how similar the human reaction to food and money seems to be. The emotional connection to both is striking, and frightening, too.

So I haven't gone on a spending spree. Boy, have I thought about it, salivated about it like that chocolate cake, but not acted on it. I did eat quite a bit of Easter candy, though.

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Jenny EB Noia-Langley said...

Sorry for the setback, Jaim. That sucks. Keep your chin up and know you are doing a great job!