18 March 2008

that's funny...

I realized today how depressing my blog is! I've been taking this project so seriously that I sound really morose all the time. This is strange because I'm actually a really happy, silly person! So, in honor of happiness, here is a list of some of the funnier tips to save money:
1. Don't shave. Works better in the winter.
2. Find out what meetings at work will have free lunch, and sign up for them. Sure, I'd love to learn more about the _____ program. You said lunch was included, right?
3. Put random clothes/papers all over the passenger seat of your car so people don't want to drive with you. Graciously accept their offer to drive.
4. Invite your parents over for dinner often. Don't say no when they ask if they can bring a pizza.
5. Shop at CVS. Read about the deals on message boards and spend hours working out your "scenarios" on Excel spreadsheets. Bargain shoppers are reading this and wondering what's funny about it. Normal people are laughing their asses off.
6. Regift! Regifting is awesome. It saves you money, its good for the environment, and its fun to.swap crappy gifts with your friends. No one will love your mother-in-law's nightmarish gift more than your friend's mother-in-law.

So hopefully that livened things up a little! I'll try not to take myself so serously!

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JennyEBNoia-Langley said...

So yesterday, I went to Target, returned three items and got credited $50. And I DIDN'T spend the money!! I'm putting it towards my credit card! Aren't you proud of me???

Where are your entries? I'm missing them!