19 September 2009

Between now and then

I found out yesterday that in December I'll be getting a nice chunk of change. My yearly wage increase was delayed because of the state budget, and so in December I'll be getting my raise- retroactive to the Spring! Also, I submitted for reimbursement for my work trip to Chicago and that should come through in December. So even though right now I feel broke and stretched to the bone, at least there is something to look forward to.

So in the meanwhile, I need to figure out how to deal with that money, so I don't blow it all on Christmas presents or celebratory shopping trips. I don't know what the total amount will be, so here's what I think I will do:

  • The reimbursement for travel will go right to the credit card. I may need to use that money for my next conference, so if I do I will just charge it with the same card and kind of roll that money over.
  • The raise and lump sum payment will "top off" whatever I'm short on for Christmas presents (plan for that is still forthcoming). The remainder will go to replenish the emergency savings account, and what ever is left will go to the credit card with the zero interest rate.

Not exciting, but sound. And the work trip in January will tie me over in the travel lust department!

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