05 September 2009


You'll never guess what happened!

The ex shorted me 50% of his weekly money. I know, shocker. And then, to add insult to injury, he asked me proof that I've been paying the bills. This is hilarious because a) of course I've been paying them and b) when I added everything up I realized that he actually owes me 6000 dollars. Yeah.

The reason he's doing this is because I finally got fed up a few weeks ago and I filed a motion of contempt to have him held accountable for his missed support, missed visitations, and to have him drug tested by the courts. And he's MAD. So what.

After I got off the phone with him, I felt defeated. Maybe I should just file bankruptcy. Then I won't be dependant on him any more. Maybe then I could actually be happy and enjoy my life. I don't know. I decided to wait until the court date (9/14) to see what happens. Then I'll make a decision.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm filing Bk b/c I just couldn't keep up with the payments anymore and the cc companies refused to work with me while my cards were up to date and paid.

Once I decided to file, all of a sudden they're willing to settle for 1/2 of the balances (whatever) and I am less stressed.

I was like you, where I felt I had to pay off the debt but once I realized that being responsible with credit meant nothing to these companies, I just let it go and my life is much less stressful..

Good luck to you!

Ann (Darinsmom)