15 November 2008

And just like that, half my Christmas money is spent...

When I was looking for a good deal on the drums, I came across this toystore website that I really like- it's called Star Bright Kids Company. They had the drums, plus two other things I had seen in catalogs like Chasing Fireflies and Uncommon Goods (my most favorite store), that I wanted to get the kids. They use Amazon for their billing/shipping, and they are running a spend $25, get free shipping deal. Then, I signed up for their newsletter, and they emailed me a 10% off your next purchase coupon code, which was STAR2008, in case you want to use it.

So, I got them the drum set, and the two other awesome things I have been eyeing for months:

And Automoblox:

Now, these toys are all expensive. They are also really, really cool, award-winning, super high quality toys that get awesome reviews and win awards and stuff.

Soooo.... my total came to 161 dollars.

Kids? Done.


manda said...

These toys look awesome! Are the first things chairs?

Jaime said...

The bilibos are just weird shapes, so they can be chairs, hats, things to stand on, whatever. I guess they are really really sturdy, and they fit together in a ball, sort of. I think they will really be fun!

julie said...

i want to buy exactly the same things!