29 November 2008

ever so slight buyers remorse

Yeah, I have it. :) I didn't NEED the shoes (as in I can't walk outside because I have nothing to put on my feet). I just needed some nice work shoes, and I saw that deal, which I had seen before and was disappointed when I didn't get them last time... luckily my mom offered to buy them for me for Christmas. I told her no, but she's going to get me some work clothes instead, and that will help with my budget.

So, I probably shouldn't have gotten new shoes, but they will be well utilized. All of a sudden I feel like most of my clothes need to be replaced. My black boots have a hole in the sole, 3 out of my 5 pairs of jeans have holes in the knees and one pair is too tight (I gained a few pounds). I only own 3 bras and two of them aren't looking so hot from being washed all the time, and most of my socks have holes in them too. I guess what I'm saying is it's probably time to invest a little money in work clothes, seeing as I have a job where I'm expected to look decent and professional. After Christmas I'll assess my presents/money and see what I can do.

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