25 November 2008

Birthday Party Logistics

So here's where I'm at with the birthday party planning:

Budget = $100.00

Gift and motorcycles for cake 18.00
ingredients for 2 lasagnas ~20.00
ingredients for baked macaroni and cheese ~ 10.00
crescent rolls with cream cheese and bacon (so gross, yet so good) ~ 8.00
soda ~2.00
salad FREE (thanks mom)
spinach dip FREE (thanks laura)
rolls ~ 10.00
cake mix, icing and candle ~ 8.00

TOTAL = 76.00

That leaves about 25.00 for balloons and goodie bag stuff, some of which I already have because I got those cheap Crayola crayons at the Walmart back to school sale. Thank god for the dollar store!

That seems really cheap. I think it's because I'm not buying alcohol this time. Sorry everyone! Lunchtime party. Maybe I'll get some juice boxes to splurge!

1 comment:

jennymsw said...

Ummm, you didn't nominate me for anything and I told you I'd bring something!! An appetizer? Alcohol? Please, take advantage of my services! :-)