10 November 2008

track track track

I have to say, now that it's november, that the number one hardest thing about paying off debt is getting on track, staying on track, and getting back on track. It's really hard to figure out a debt pay-off plan that works for you- there's always a bill you forgot about, an unforseen expense, a last minute invitation to something expensive that you just can't miss. Once you manage to get it mostly figured out, it's hard to keep that momentum going. You know you have 500 dollars for a credit card payment but those pants are so cool... and 400 dollars is still a lot to pay to debt... but you have to remind yourself of your goal, day in and day out. It's exhausting. It's difficult. People don't understand. Sometimes people laugh at you or criticize you. But still, you perservere.

Until, one day, you don't. You buy the pants, or treat your mom to dinner. Or both. You forget about your car tax bill, or you talk too much on your cell phone, and poof! you're off track. Then you avoid your budget, because you know you'll have to do some finagling, and it sounds hard, and boring, and depressing. Days turn to a week. All of a sudden, your bills are due. You have to get back on track.

And if you do, if you can still push yourself through all of these trials, you will succeed. The numbers will start to go down. You'll see a difference, and it will feel so, so good. Much better than the pants you haven't worn because they turned out to be dry clean only, or that long forgotten meal. You're in control, and one day you'll be out of this mess.

Out of all that I have learned, the perserverance is the best attribute I have attained. I won't give up, even if this goal (and this blog) reach into years three, four, five. One day, it will be done, and I will be a better person for it.


Kimberli said...

I worry about the people who laugh at you, or criticize you. Because YOU will be the one laughing when they're still struggling with credit card payments and you're paying cash for everything!!!

hilary smith-gage said...

love you.

jennymsw said...

Keep fighting that good fight, Jaim!! You are amazing and an inspiration!