08 April 2009

Doctor's Orders

I've been slacking. Mostly with eating out. It's a bad scene.

I don't know if I haven't been posting because I'm spending more than I want to be, or I'm spending more than I want to be because I haven't been posting. Either way, no good.

Basically, as evidenced by my super depressing sounding previous post, I've been feeling really down lately. So when I went to see my therapist yesterday, imagine how psyched I was when she recommended two things to make me feel better...

wait for it...

have a party and go on vacation!

How will I do that on a budget? That is where it gets really good- I don't know! So I'll have to blog about it, ask for your advice, share what I find, and basically have something interesting to talk about other than "I went to Target and spent too much money" or "my ex-h sucks."

I think the party should come first, but I want to plan the vacation. So vacation it is. Here are my criteria:
  • somewhere I can either go quickly (without kids) or I can bring my kids
  • somewhere I haven't been 8000 times, or didn't go to with my ex
  • somewhere where there are fun, cheap things to do

Thoughts? I live in New England, if you don't know. :)


ElizabethE said...

Bermuda? Think about it. Not as far away as you think!!

That Girl said...

just take a random road trip with no destination in mind. Dont drive the Interstate (or whatever its called in your area)drive along an alternate route and take in all the sights. You may find lots of little treasures along the way.