10 April 2009


I have been anxiously awaiting the sprouting of the peas, to the point where I've been checking on them from the window with binoculars. (dork!) Today I was outside digging things up and moving the walkway (and breaking one of the stepping stones in the process) and I couldn't take it anymore. I dug one up! It was swollen and a small root was starting to stick out. A few more weeks and some good, warm rain and we'll be in business.

I checked the Skippy's Vegetable Garden blog on my blogroll for pea info (she's amazing) and it seems like that's pretty typical, as was the digging up of a seed, so I guess it's normal! I just can't wait. Last year I planted like 6 seeds because I got in late and didn't use any inoculant. This year I planted three rows! I'm dying to eat those sugar snap peas!

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Christine said...

Whaaaa ha ha ha!!!

I HAVE been doing the EXACT same thing with my peas, from obsessively looking at them to DIGGING one up!!! This made me smile this morning!!!

Yesterday I finally saw their little sprouts sticking through! This weekend I will be planting a second planting of them.