30 August 2009

First Day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of school for both my kids! Kindergarten for Mr 4 and Preschool for Mr 3.

I'm heading to Target to buy them snacks for school. Yes, I know this is a risk. Yes, I know I realllllly want/need a new pocketbook. Yes, I know they have the one I want at Target. But I'm going there anyway. My will is strong. Or maybe it will be on sale. :)

I ripped out a few of those "cute lunches" articles from Parents and Better Homes and Gardens and I'm bringing them for ideas. I'm also going to look for more little boxes for their lunch foods, instead of using individually wrapped things. We recently went to a museum where they showed two lunches, one with all reusable things and one with all packaged stuff and I asked them which one looked like their lunches, and they picked the reusable one. It was cool! Plus, this month in preschool they are learning about reusing and recycling.

I'm so excited!

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