28 January 2008

Have Not-ing.

I think the consumer-driven culture we live in is a well-established phenomenon. Everyone wants to be a "Have" while no one can be a "Have Not." We need hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, Coach bags and lots of shoes. The quote I posted directly below is really interesting, because it talks about how this need to have is binding, that we are constrained by our need to own, purchase, collect and display. So, in that vein, the year of frugal living has taken an interesting turn. My mission has become about more than paying off some debt. Now its about determining the emotional connection behind what we spend our money on, and choosing to spend money on things that will better me rather than tie me down. Its the emotional side of shopping.

So... what will free you? Will it be the homemade coffee? Wearing the same outfits every week? Sleeping in your really comfy but ugly yellow sheets for another year or so? Will it mean I get to keep my ugly couch that I love so much? When will you stop worrying about what you *should* have or *need* to have or *cannot* live without and live your life?

That's what this year is going to figure out.

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