01 January 2008

The beginning and the remnants

Happy New Year! It seems like I should be doing something big today, like cutting up credit cards or issuing a ban on the mall, but I'm not. Like I said, I don't think much will change for the time being. I am planning on listing some more stuff on Ebay this week, and trying to make it to Thursday without going to the grocery store. I have decided to start taking out the spending money in cash every TWO weeks, so that if there is something on sale that I can stock up on, I have the resources available (like if I can get diapers for cheap). So that will begin on Thursday, when I get paid.

On a different note, I realized this week that I have some bills I need to pay that aren't in my budget, so I'm going to need to figure out what to do with irregular bills, like oil, newspaper and car taxes. I'm thinking that my tax refund and raise will cover that kind of stuff, so when those two things come through, I'll start putting them automatically into savings to have a rainy day fund.

It's going to be a good year.

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Rebecca said...

Great idea for a blog! We're working hard to improve our finances even more in 2008 (we started and did pretty well last year).

I also started growing veggies in a container garden last year, and my family had a lot of fun with that. Definitely going to do it again this year!!