08 January 2008

Nay Sayers.

I was talking about the YOFL yesterday at work, and my coworkers were laughing at me! One said "What day is it? The SEVENTH of January?" I'd like to point out a couple of things about my probability of success.
  1. I am a highly motivated individual.
  2. I am actively working on this goal.
  3. Last year my resolution was to lose weight and I lost more than 30 lbs.
  4. Failure is not an option!!!!!!

I'm really ticked off about this! I will not give up on this plan. I have achieved much more seemingly insurmountable obstacles than not buying useless junk for a year. Again, failure is not an option. I have already made over 150$ on ebay, none of which has been spent. So there, nay sayers. :)

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