24 January 2008

Okay, okay, okay, I'm back

See, the blog works. I'm back. I was shopping. Oy. Actually, I was stocking up on things that were on clearance after Christmas, but it felt like shopping. I have actually been [mostly] sticking to the frugal living plan, except for a few minor eating out incidents. I spent some money on clothes for my kids for next Winter (winter? seems like it's important enough for capitals. Canada is.) and doing the CVS deals and stuff like that.

Okay, but I need to admit this, because I said I would. I spent $50 on myself at Target. I bought a new duvet cover, kitchen scissors, and some candlesticks and stuff for my mantel. In my defense, they were all 50-75 % off. I needed to do it. I've had some great news and good things happen in my life and I needed to make my house a little more my home.

I have been selling on ebay, if you need a $22 gift card to victoria's secret, please feel free to buy from me, my seller id is sunnyjch. I've made $186 since January 1st, so I'm on track. Oh, and I also bought a seed starting kit at Ocean State Job Lot for $4.50, I consider that an investment towards the garden.

See? I've been shopping. But it's frugal shopping. There's a difference, I swear.

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manda said...

There is def a difference in spending 60 dollars on one pair of jeans and 50 dollars on the many things you got for your home. i think it sounds like your doing great on your plan