03 December 2008

Opt out and coupons

Sorry for the lapse in posting, between the birthday party and us all being sick, I've been a busy bee.

I received a letter in the mail from Citibank stating that they were changing their terms, and that I could opt out. I did a little research on the change in terms and the impact of opting out and decided to do it. What this means is when my card expires next year, they will close my account and I will pay off the balance at the terms I have now, rather than the new terms. They keep emphasizing that my rate could still go up because its based on prime, but frankly, who does Citibank think they are kidding? Like they will really raise interest rates now! Anyway, this is sort of a relief, because this is my one card with a very high balance, and I love the idea of not having it anymore.

I also realized that now that I have a working printer again, I can get back into couponing. It got a little overwhelming there for a while, but I think I can handle it again. So that will be a good YOFL 2009 project.

I also nearly spent a bunch of money at Old Navy on Cyber Monday, but luckily got it together and didn't do it. Last year after Christmas I cleaned up at that 50% off the 50% off clearance, and I hope to do that again this year!


Kimberli said...

Where do you get your coupons? I have a hard time with coupons, because some of the sites are so messy and so much work... worth it? Maybe, but I'm impatient... So, if you could share your favorite sites (and for what) I'd sure appreciate it!

Mary said...

Oooh....let's go to that Old Navy sale together....Remember our sick ratio last year of items to price? It was amazing!

Deals Hunt said...

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