22 August 2009

The balance transfer challenge

If you haven't already noticed this about me, I'm highly competitive. Everything is a challenge. So when I saw that the balance transfer went through, I quickly calculated how much I will need to pay each month to have that whole balance paid off in 12 months, and the race is on. I'm pumped!

I am taking my kids for new school shoes today. I have been a quality over quantity kids' shoe buyer from the beginning, a concept I strongly believe is achievable because I have boys. So each fall, spring and summer they get one pair of shoes from Stride Rite, who always seems to size them big enough to fit and last the months that follow. I packed a lunch so we can stay at the mall until lunch and play in the play area, which is healthier and will save us money.

Now if I could only leave these kids home, it would be a great day. :D

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