03 August 2009

the moral of the story

I have a confession- I nearly gave up.

With the disappearance of my ex husband came the disappearance of most of my child support, and no stop to my bills. And I had to travel for work, which means putting out my own money and waiting a LONG time to be reimbursed, and also a birthday party or two and, to be honest, a summer filled with fun and money spent.

And so in all this lack of income and money spent was a sense of failure. Like I was undoing everything I had done, and it was never going to get better. I looked up bankruptcy, but decided against it. I thought about asking for a loan, but didn't. I ignored my bills because I didn't want to see how bad it was, and even bounced a check.

At the last minute, though, I didn't give up. And what I think the secret is is never, ever give up. So you screw up? Get back on track the next morning. It's never worth giving up.

I *might* be teaching a class this fall, and that will bring in some extra money. If I do it, I'm hoping to pay off an entire credit card with the money. Then I can start working on paying off my car- something I have never done before! I have never really owned anything. I will be really proud when I send in that last payment!


BabiesandBargains said...

I think you said it best..WE ALL tend to fall off the horse!

April said...

Life just happens. I agree, we all just fall off of the horse, but we get back on.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for not giving up!

Also, good luck with that class. When will you know whether that's a go?

Jaime said...

I think I'll find out about the class in the next week or two. I'm really nervous about it!

Mickey said...

The only failure is quitting. Go forward. Don't dwell on the past. I am proud of you for not giving up. You have inspired me to try and get my life and finances in order.