16 August 2009

Introducing the Year of Frugal Living Book Club!

That's right! Now you can read along with me and discuss books that have to do with money, food, life and everything in between. And you'll even get to discuss them with a real librarian! (Not that I run book clubs in real life or anything... )

This is how it's going to work- I have selected Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal Vegetable Miracle" for the first book, after that if others would like to suggest titles I think that would be great. The best place to get the book is your local library- use this search to find out where you can score one locally if you're not already a library user.

Anyway, every couple of days I'll post the title of one of the chapters and then everyone can comment on it with our thoughts, so that if you haven't read that far yet it won't be a spoiler for you.

I hope this is something that people are interested in! I'm excited.


Alex said...

I enjoy your blog. You should write more often.

LauraC said...

I loved this book! Things are a little crazy for me now so I may not participate in this one but I will definitely participate in the future!

Looking For Freedom... said...

I tried to get it at the library today, but it's checked out until the end of the month. Boooo.