06 February 2009

forgive me blogger, for I have sinned

I spent way too much money today. Guess where?

Target. 200 dollars, to be exact.

it was a trifeca of impulse shopping- new outfit/shoes/accessories PLUS 50% off the Global Bazaar stuff I'm in love with PLUS needing party stuff

the good news was I came home to not one but THREE checks in my mailbox whose sum far exceeds the money I spent today.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's been a while since Target got its claws into me. Maybe I should have a quarterly Target "get it out of my system" day... although today's trip was really a perfect storm- an unscheduled two hours, a good mood, and money. I really didn't stand a chance.

I'm sorry to have let you down. (but the shoes... oh, the shoes. they're quite the sight.)


Heidi said...

Don't keep us in suspense! Let's see these shoes!! :D

Kimberli said...

I spent at least 45 minutes wandering around the Global Bazaar stuff... that white chest with all the tiny drawers... WANT IT. All the bowls and baskets that I could use as baby props. WANT THEM. But then I remembered how mad I got at Russ the other day for buying stupid tee-shirts for the girls (he is ADDICTED to any tee-shirt that says something silly)...and that put an end to it all. I walked out with my head held high.

You're doing so well, Jaime. One day won't break you...ya know?! Besides, its TARGET! lol!

GFCF Mommy Octopus said...

Oooooh, sounds like a PERFECT shopping trip to me. You can't feel ALL that bad about it, though. After all the caca that you have gone through with your ex, you are entitled to do something nice for yourself every now and again.

And how lucky were you to come home to unexpected money? Dang, it sounds like it was a PERFECT DAY to me!

P.S. Show me the shoes!

Keeper said...

At least you had fun!!!