23 February 2009

Mental Health Day: Part One

Oh, the guilt required to be a mom. I brought my kids to the babysitter/preschool, and both time felt incredibly guilty that I was not using this day to be with them. Then I called and scheduled the massage for 1:30. Right now I'm home, I'm going to go for a walk (self challenge is going quite well, if you don't mind the 100 dollars I spent on healthy foods, which I honestly think is a good thing) and then go buy my mom a birthday present, pick up the house and eat lunch (roast beef sandwich from said Self Challenge) and then head to the massage place.

I hope I don't hate it! :)


That Girl said...

good for you! I hate mommy guilt so try to enjoy your day. So jealous of the massage!

Looking For Freedom... said...

Mommy guilt is the worst. It's no small thing. My husband has offered to give me entire days to myself, but I almost always decline. I know that I'd just spend my hours subtly feeling bad about not doing more. Of course, that's ridiculous - all of us need time to ourselves!