14 February 2009

valentine's day- day of love or money pit?

Yeah, I know I just got divorced, but my feelings on valentine's day are essentially unchanged- other than an excuse to make heart shaped food, I really don't see the point. So instead of spending money on cards for the preschoolers (my son doesn't go to preschool on fridays) and buying things for people, I just didn't do it. Cold? Maybe. Frugal? Sort of (I think this one is probably just plain cheap).

It's hard to make decisions like this as a parent. I don't want to deprive my kids of something special, yet I just don't see why letting them eat candy all day is something special. If they didn't know that I loved them, it would be a different story... But obviously that's not the case. Maybe it's something that evolves over time.

Off to serve up the chocolate banana mini loaves I made with the kids this morning! :)

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mary said...

Ian gave out homemade Valentines with construction paper we had :). And I cut the kids frozen waffles into hearts this morning. And there you have cheap, er, frugal mommy Valentine's Day! Anyway, just adding to your point that there is no reason to spend lots of money to celebrate!