10 February 2009


I haven't been posting very regularly, and it's bumming me out big time. I'm sorry!

Life has sort of gotten away from me. After I got back from my leadership conference, I've been insanely busy and insanely motivated on doing things, which has resulted in my starting to feel totally burnt out. I've been messing up a bit, missing a meeting here and slacking off on other things there. I really need to get back on track, and it's so hard!

Financially, we're good. Ex-H has been paying, money I lent has been paid back in a timely fashion, and I got oil and that was even pretty cheap. No complaints for the time being, which after January's meltdown, feels good.

So, a couple of links to make things a bit better-
Managing your work flow, courtesy of the Simple Dollar

Experian free credit score promotion

Are we all made up? :D

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staciefrost said...

Well, I for one have missed you! I'm fairly new to your blog...but read it all in one night and have been checking back regurlarly. You are such a great writer! I'm glad you're back and hope to see more of you! You are missed when you're not here! LOL! I'm glad things are going well for you!!!