28 January 2009

my trip

So I just returned from an awesome conference and again, apologies for not posting that I'd be gone! This was the first trip I've taken away from my kids that wasn't a quick overnight, and it was a little hard to be away from them for so long, but they did great and it was really fun to travel again (before kids I was a travel agent!) and it was of course amazing to see a new city, stay in a swanky hotel, eat expensive food and be able to actually drink! So, it was a blast.

In my field, people are really into blogging, and it was fun and funny to hear them talking about blogging and not really be able to say anything. I try to stay anonymous here but plenty of my friends and family know about my blog, so I doubt its as anon as I think. But hey, its still fun, and this blog gets about 50 times as many hits as the one I write for work, so a lot of times I learn things from here that help me there. It's great!

I didn't do much by way of budgeting while I was gone because my food will be reimbursed by my job and there was plenty of free food anyway. It sure felt funny to order a 16 dollar breakfast, though! :)

Back to real life now...

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Looking For Freedom... said...

That's the best - an all-expenses-paid trip. I'm jealous! Glad you had a great time.