11 January 2009

Soup Kitchen

I have never specifically stated that I wanted to volunteer and donate more to charity over the course of the Year of Frugal Living, but somehow they have both made their way into the plan. I guess that an unintended result of living on less is the realization of just how lucky you are to have what you do have, and to give to people who do not.

So today I'm going to a local soup kitchen with several of my coworkers to volunteer. It snowed last night, so we're all heading over late, but I'll be there until this afternoon. I'll write about it when I get back, but I'm pretty curious to see what the experience will be like. I mean, will it be depressing? Uplifting? Will one day of service leave me with a sense of well-being, or a sense that one day is nowhere near enough?

We'll see!

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smarsh said...

I wonder the very same things all the time. Looking forward to hearing how it went.