05 January 2009

Nice little deal on Lean Cuisines

If you have a Stop and Shop near you, you can get Lean Cuisines for a pretty decent price this week. They are 5 for 10$, and you get a free Skinny Cow dessert with the purchase of 5. Then there is this coupon: http://www.everydayeating.com/SpecialOffers/Default.aspx which is for 1.00 off 2, so if you print off 2 (which I haven't tried, I'm at work), then you get 5 Lean Cuisines and one Skinny Cow for 8.00.

I highly recommend the Butternut Squash Ravioli. It is seriously delicious! No joke!


Katrina said...

HA! I JUST got 5 LC's at S&S... but there was no info about the skinny cow deal. Darn it!!

But yeah, can't beat a $2 lunch.

Deals Hunt said...

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