14 January 2009

the pantry

First of all, apologies for being MIA, I've been really busy at work and even having some fun here and there!

So, stockpilers are familiar with the pantry- you stock it up with good staples while they are on sale, and then live with the joy and satisfaction of knowing that you could survive a major plague or disaster without even putting a dent in it.

I like to stock up, I wouldn't say I stockpile, but I definitely try to grab a good deal when I see one. It's a really good idea to know what is a good price for the things you buy regularly, so that you can spot a deal. Then, if you have a super busy week like I am having, you can skip the grocery store and eat out of the pantry (and freezer) for the week.

A few tips I have to make this doable:
  • stock up on canned fruit (in juice) and applesauce, so that if you run out of fruit you can still make balanced meals
  • frozen veggies are just as healthy (if not more so) than fresh because they are flash frozen at their peak, when they have the most vitamins
  • buy large things of meat and break them down into servings for your family size and freeze. I like to mix it up a little, too- leave some chicken breasts alone, cut others into tenders and marinate some. If you pour the marinade in and freeze, the meat soaks it up as it defrosts for a great flavor!
  • freeze bread! You can't tell the difference, plus freezers (as opposed to fridges) keep food cold better when they are jam-packed full
  • keep things like bisquick and rice on hand. they are lifesavers!
  • coffee drinkers- have powdered creamer just in case you run out of milk- I used mine this morning!

It works for me! I hope it does for you too!


BabiesandBargains said...

I never thought of powdered milk and buying 2 gallons of milk a week never seems to cover us...How does it taste in relation to skim milk?

lil sis said...

this is great advice in heed of a zombie invasion!!

Looking For Freedom... said...

We stock up on beans, soup, corn, diced tomatoes, and peas. Those ingredients go into many of our vegetarian meals.

We've recently discovered that sometimes Target has great deals on some pretty decent soups. On occasion, it can even beat Kroger on certain organic items.