09 January 2009

stay out of williams sonoma, while you're at it

Not much is happening by way of the Year of Frugal Living. I haven't paid anything because my dumba$$ ex-husband owes me a ton of money, and I have been too busy working and getting snowed in to go anywhere. Except, that is, for today, when I went to the mall with some friends.

Let me just say that the people who create those mall stores know what they're doing. We went into Williams Sonoma and they were COOKING- and it was dinnertime- and it smelled amazing. And although there was nothing I needed, boy was it easy to find something I wanted. I didn't get anything- but it was rough!

So, another store to avoid. Better yet, stay out of the mall all together. It's too painful. :)

I just want to add that a poster commented about using mint.com for budgeting- I really wanted to link to that in my budgeting post but for whatever reason, all I could think of was lime when I tried to remember the name (the librarians that read this will probably understand why!). So check out mint.com. It looks awesome!


Michelle said...

I enjoy your posts, keep em' coming!!! You are an encouragement!

julie said...

FYI, Mint.com looks really awesome, and i created an account but have been unsuccessful for days and days now getting a single account to link. grrrr. very frustrating.