26 December 2008

the haul

I'm so happy with how Christmas went. It was certainly full of presents, but by no means a "carnival Christmas." I only ended up buying the automoblox cars (awesome!!), the bilibos (very fun), the drum set (both boys said that was their fave gift), bathtub instruments, and some random stocking stuffers like funny glasses and coloring books from the dollar store.

I got two vacuum cleaners, I guess my mom and mother in law were on the same page, lol.

But the saddest, and funniest, present I got was a very sweet card from my ex husband about how he misses us and is glad we're getting along- with a 10 dollar gift card to Dunkin Donuts in it. Weird, right? It's been cracking me up so much. I mean, why? What would compel him to buy that for me? It's just so weird. It's like saying, "Sorry I ruined our marriage, but maybe an egg and cheese on a croissant will help ease the pain." :o If I know him at all, and I think that I do, he HAD to do it to be funny. It's just too random and weird any other way!

So, Christmas is over, and I'm frankly relieved. Ready for a new year, big time!!


Krista said...

Sounds like a nice Christmas.

I had to LOL at the Dunkin Donuts comment. I mean, I always thought that there wasn't much that ham and eggs couldn't make better, but I suppose ruining a marriage is one of them. :o)

Merry Christmas!

Heidi said...

Glad your christmas went well! The DD card is too funny--I lurve your blog and check it daily :) I hope you have a great 2009!!!